Home Insurance That is a Shore Thing

Your waterfront home should be where family traditions are started, friendships forged and memories are made.  Whether your home on the water is your primary residence, your weekend retreat or your summer getaway, you want to be sure that you protect it properly.

The typical homeowner's insurance policy doesn't provide all of the coverages you need for the different hazards of a waterfront property.  Homes on the water have unique property to protect including boat lifts, docks, swim rafts, boat houses, and break walls.

Your waterfront home also faces distinctive hazards such as collapse due to hydrostatic pressure and wind driven ice.  That is why our partners have created a package of coverages specifically designed for the shoreline homeowner.  

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Don't forget, we can also insure your boat!  

Exclusive Coverage

  • Shoreline Buildings and Other Structures:Up to 10% of the insured value of waterfront home extended to cover buildings and structures in, on or adjacent to a body of water.  This includes boat houses, boat lifts, docks and seawalls.
  • Replacement Cost Loss Settlement for buildings and structures used for recreation at the waterfront residence.
  • Collapse to the dwelling or any part of the dwelling and to other shoreline structures due to sub-surface water pressure, if the collapse is sudden and accidental.
  • Ordinance or Law: Up to $50,000 following a covered loss to a dwelling or other structure for additional costs to meet any applicable ordinance or law regulating construction, repair, demolition or debris removal, including building set back from the shoreline.
  • Shoreline Personal Property: used in connection with the residence - including floating docks, floating trampolines, ice fishing shanties and moored swim rafts. (Automatic coverage for shoreline personal property acquired in the past 30 days.)
  • Damage to covered shoreline personal property due to the additional peril of wind driven ice is covered.

With these customized coverages provided for shoreline properties, you can enjoy summer solace and peace of mind knowing that Spire Insurance Solutions has you covered.

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