Personal Umbrella Insurance

Are You Prepared for an Unexpected Rainy Day?             

People are more litigious than ever and a simple accident could hurt your ability to pay for your children's education or the ability to retire.  An umbrella policy provides extra coverage to protect you, your family and your future!  Personal umbrella insurance is an affordable way to protect your income and assets.  Click below to contact one of our licensed solution providers and get your umbrella for an unexpected rainy day!

Extra Protection for Life's Unexpected Surprises

Accidents happen! Are you and your family prepared if you unintentionally cause one?  You probably have seen the headlines for significant injury compensation or maybe you've heard the numerous commercials promising large settlements.  A personal umbrella policy provides an extra layer of coverage, so if one of life's surprises happens to you or a family member, you've got your assets covered.  

Why an Umbrella?
  • Imagine you're driving a few members of your child's soccer team and have an accident.
  • Or your friendly dog bites a neighbor (even if provoked) and you're sued.
  • Or you're sued for something entirely frivolous.
  • An attorney may charge $250/hour, but you can protect yourself for about that same amount of money per year with an umbrella.
Who Could Benefit from an Umbrella? Everyone!
  • Own a home, have a steady income or retirement savings.
  • Own or use a car, ATV, boat, motorcycle, RV or a golf cart.
  • Have children, teens, or students away at college.
  • Have animals, firearms, a pool or a trampoline.
  • Have rental properties or do recreational rentals
  • Use social media, participate on a board or HOA, carpool, entertain, host sleepovers, etc.
Peace of Mind at an Affordable Price
  • Not all umbrella policies are created equal. Be sure to find out if it is a true umbrella policy, not just excess liability.
  • Protect you and your household.
  • Provides legal defense coverage.
  • "Drop down" protection when other insurance may not apply.


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